Whether you are planning to hit the beach, go for a workout or planning a nice party look, one thing you don’t want in the way is unwanted hair. The reason why there is no time like now to get rid of it totally.

Dynamic Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Dynamic Pulsed Light can work the magic of ridding the face and body of unwanted hair. This high-speed technology is a procedure that incorporates both laser and intense pulsed light to treat hair removal as well as other skin conditions such as epidermal melasma, pigmentation, and acne.

Our Dynamic Pulsed light hair removal treatment targets the pigment and destroys the hair follicle. It is also very effective. No spot is missed like happens when shaving or waxing. The treatment targets the harder to reach areas of the body and removes the hair. The side effects that come with shaving with razors are eliminated. There is no more red, itchy or irritated skin to worry about. What you have instead is a smooth and silky skin. It eliminates the risk of stubborn ingrown hair as well. What more? The hair removal treatment is not only comfortable,  It requires no downtime. It saves you time too.

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